baking with yeast…

The last time I remember using  yeast for baking it was disasterous, and that’s  being  nice. It was at College in a cooking class (I was only 17 at the time) and we were sposed to be making Hot cross Buns…  I can smell them now, hot and baking, the sweet spices,  that yeasty bread smell…. mmm so yummy.  Well, not mine.

I was the only one whose buns did not rise and therefore were not on display… I don’t remember what happened to them,  really.  And the teacher didn’t seem to notice there weren’t two batches on our bench… well, she didn’t say anything.

So it comes to pass, many years later, say about 20, that I have decided to have another go.   Every Saturday night it’s ‘pizza and movie night’ in our house and I’d like to try
making my own base.   My pizza isn’t the overloaded fatty dripping one you might buy, but as healthy as ham and cheese (for the boys) or vegetarian can be.   So to make it a bit nicer, let’s make our own.

I have the yeast, the flour and all ready to go… now to see if it actually works.

As I mix and it started to come together and that smell… the yeasty, bread like smell.  If you make your own bread or have smelt fresh home made bread, you’ll know exactly
what I mean.

stage 1 of dough

Mixed and kneaded it goes into it’s bowl to rise… and yes! it rises.  Very happy. Part 1 a success.

before rising..after - not a great difference, but it worked.


Onto the bench with a bit of flour and and it rolls and stretches really nicely… onto the trays and I’ve got a little extra on one.  For this one,  I add some cheese and fold the edges over – my own cheesy crust.

bases ready to top - right one with it's cheesy crust

The topping goes on and as I’m ready to sprinkle herbs I notice something missing.  The sauce! Doh.

after I put the sauce on and redid the toppings (pre-mixed now)

Once sorted they hit the oven and 15 mins later I spy two very nice and crummy smelling pizzas.

ready to eat, yum!

And the finished product…. well they were intrigued by the crust and although ‘tastes weird’ (compared to preservative laden bought bases) went down quite well.

rather thick crust here, but it tasted alright. More cheese would have been good.

I liked them, but that’s no real surprise, there’s not a lot I wont eat.

what do you think? Do you make your own bread or pizza bases.  Do you use a bread maker or just your
hands… I’d love to get a bread maker again, but the pizza bases were fun.  Watch out Lance,  it’s on again next week.

Oops.  I was so hungry to try it out (before it cold of course) I didn’t check my pics, and they are a little out of focus.

Til next time,  keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer


5 responses to “baking with yeast…

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  2. I like the look of your blog and I’m going to do a similar thing with mine. Do you have the theme or where you get the theme from please?


  3. Oh wow I need some of that pizza!! Sweetheart bought a breadmaker last year and the smell of hot bread in the morning is divine… Better than pancakes sometimes. We’d love to try pizza bases too, it’s not something we’ve done before! I can’t imagine your pizzas tasted ‘weird’ at all, they look great 🙂


    • I definately agree, the smell of fresh bread is just divine! the breadmaker is a great invention – i think I’ve started something though, my sister swears by ‘hand’ made and a friend just loves her machine… This particular recipe was very easy and probably quicker even than using a machine, and I will be doing this again. My kids thought it tasted weird, but as there was not any more left over than there would be otherwise, it can’t have been too bad. Thanks 🙂


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