the time to decoupage…. (part 1)

well, technically we were not using paper, but material, but I’m using the term loosly here, as in covering boxes and objects.

Materials sorted – fleecy padding, cloth for covering, glue, scissors – and a blanket for the table, with paper for glue drops – and I cut the shapes ready.

Short of putting in too many words I will show the pics.

Fleece and then pink cloth for the cover.
Glueing the backing board for the inside and then covering in white satin lining – all ruffled to look pretty,

and then pushing this in to the lid to complete the top.

A few curly moments with getting material smooth around the corners…..

the lid - padded and ready to cover.

lid - all finished

the 'inside' of the lid inner piecethe lid inner - covered and in place.

spreading glue on the inside of the lid - ready to fold in cover.

the lid of the box all finished - white ruffled polka dot lining.

Now I know what to do I will be completing the bottom half over the next few days and hoping it will be good enough as a display for my market table…. (another change, I know…)

(Question: why is it that I put everything in it’s place and then after I save and look at a ‘preview’ it is all over the joint and messed up.  I thought this time by using thumbnails it might be better – apparently not, lol.  I try,  and if anyone has a solution or way to stop this from happening I would gladly take on advice. thnaks 🙂 )

Til next time, keep smiling 🙂

ciao, Jennifer


4 responses to “the time to decoupage…. (part 1)

  1. Where did you find the box? It’s such an unusual shape!

    Re. the images jumping around, try making sure each image is on its own line by pressing ‘Enter’ before you place the image and then again after you placed it. This should make them nice and neat down the page like they appear in the Edit Post page. Sometimes WordPress templates act a bit differently from the editor to the webpage 🙂


    • Hi Morgan,
      Firstly, the box is an old family item we found while cleaning the attic of our old house (another blog or two in that story…), it was full of zips which I shall use. Not sure how old it is, but I’ll make a guess at 40+.
      The picture thing, I do actually put in a space before and after each picture (i found the hard way with text getting jumbled in it). I might go back to just having one pic per space, even when I left and right align then and make them smaller, they still seem to go wiggy. thanks for your thoughts 🙂


  2. where are the pics?


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