Beads at the Show….

were a big disappointment. Aside from all the fun that comes from going to the show – rides, food, the noise – I was looking forward to heading into the Craft Pavillion and checking out all the beaded items on show. Prepared to go “oh my, I can never compete with that… I have a lot of work to do to reach standard…”
Once in, I found, no more 5 beaded items on display, and of a skill level that I was not intimidated by. I felt that I could display next year and not feel like the cheap amateur. I took no photos because the display was pretty plain and there simply were not enough items to warrant it.

After looking at the (Show Society) website, there are more than enough categories available for me to attend next year with all my different items… Clay, resin, beaded items, bags, and even maybe a mixed media item.   Despite the prize money being very low, I am more interested in getting it out there for people to look at and then being able to post about it later.  Winning prizes is always nice, but sometimes, getting your name out is just as important.

I also spoke with a lady about a new online shop – will tell more as I know it.

Til next time, keep smiling 🙂
Ciao Jennifer.


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