Clay and Resin Dabbling

It’s been quite some time since I purchased and received the clay and resin for use in my ‘new direction’ works.  But I have finally got around to using them.  I had always wanted to, but sometimes the mojo takes a walk and I wasn’t prepared to get them out and make something horrible that I really wasn’t happy with.

Wednesday was Clay day.  I had 5 hours to do what I could and I did.  I played with the bright colours – pink, red, yellow, orange, and white, a bit of blue and a couple of darker colours.  Wrapped some thin clay round glass like a ‘bezel’ and had fun testing things out.

With the clay I don’t want to make millefiori and other intricate items – as beautiful as they are – but to make simple, bright and cheerful pieces that jump out at you and want to be centre of attention.  I think I managed that – a bright pink heart, a white and yellow flower, and a grey circle with a rainbow of snakes that also make loops for hanging dangles if you desire…  Some of these I will make jewellery out of, mostly I want to sell them as pieces for others to use.  (I can of course make something of your design with your chosen piece…)







I can’t wait to test out my transfers on the clay and make little collections.   I have some clocks, a sea theme page, playing cards, and vintage pics…  That will be next weeks job – clay with transfers.

Today I started some resin.  Lesson learnt: a little resin goes a long way.  I had to tip out half of what I made up.  That will be something I figure out as time goes on, quantity of resin vs quantity of finished product.

I had seen a picture in a magazine some months back and that is one thing that got me going on this resin obsession (for resin supplies see resin obsession).  Placing semi precious stones in bezels and pouring resin over the top.  Well, not pouring as such, that would make one hell of a mess, I was using a tooth pick and still managed to spill bits (it is very sticky stuff).

So I got out my bezels and hunted through my stash.  I now have a pendant and earring set of Turquoise chip pieces, Pink Quartz drops and Citrine chips,  a set of red and white ‘flowers’ in double ended bezels and a few free form pieces with seed beads and other bits.

Pendant and earring sets.Flowers








As they take up to 6 hours to set properly, I will return with more information.

Ok, the stones in bezels seem to have worked… let’s not talk about the other ones just yet…

til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer

2 responses to “Clay and Resin Dabbling

  1. These look fantastic! Well done Jen 🙂


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