Break away

I am taking a short break from the packing – of small bags, but plenty of them – for our little break away.  After picking up hubby from the airport tomorrow at lunch time we are heading north-west to visit my sister and her family on the dairy farm they work, at Smithton.  The trip will be a little more awkward than normal given my eldest son has a broken foot and will be occupying th front seat (for leg room) while hubby is relegated to the back seat (will be snoozing at some stage) with the other two boys.

Although not a long trip kilometre wise – compared to what we have been used to in Queensland – it will still a few hours as the roads are not quite 4 lane highways and have a lot more twists and turns.


At the moment on the farm the cows are calving so there may well be some early or very late ventures out into the paddocks to see how they are faring.  It’s been years since I’ve seen new-born calves and I have to admit I am kind of excited, they are very cute.  But like most babies, look at what they grow up into.. lol.


The bags being packed are quite different to what we have been used to packing – no shorts and thongs and swimmers.  Instead, we are looking at woollies, gumboots and rain coats.  Makes for a nice change, and I am really loving the weather.  It may be cold and miserable at times, but this is Tassie and it comes with the territory.  Summer is perfect, at mid to late 20’sC and winter is just as good, from low up to about 12-13C, windy, wet and grey.


We will be gone for nearly a week and I’m sure there will be a story or two to tell when we get back.  Must pack the camera!  And from what I’ve been told, a few cakes aswell – since we’ve been back hubby nd I have had our birthdays, and the eldest is due this week…


Til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer



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