cranky at wordpress… and myself

I am not the most computer literate but sometimes when things happen and I have no idea what has caused it I get frustrated to tears…. take my latest post for example.  How many times did I add (the same 4) pictures because somehow they got deleted or ended up on top of another one… and then there’s the words.   On the draft – saved – it was perfect, everything in its place.  Then I ‘preview’ and it’s all over the place… aaarrghhh!!!!


So I go bugger it and publish anyway – not always the best move I know, but…. and now look at it… my end blurb all through the pictures.


I figure you all got what I meant, but I just had to put this out there and say ‘not happy Jan…’ (The Aussies amongst us will get that one)


will try to smile still..  🙂


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