Hi, I have been thinking for some time about this and my decision does not come lightly.  As a small business with a website I kow that things do not happen overnight and that within 5 years many fail and disappear.

This is why I have decided to do this, to try my hardest and make sure I do not fail and fade into the business never never….

I am going to get rid of my website and concentrate on selling through my Facebook page and the markets (there is one available every weekend here, planning on attending two a month).

For this reason I am having a huge sale and trying to move a lot of old stock so i can start fresh with my new ideas and new media for art.  Currently it is only for this month, but I may continue it on into July as I find a way of selling from my Facebook page.


50% off (rings excluded)


and free postage for Australia

This sale is for real and I would like to hope my jewellery finds many new loving homes.

Keep smiling and please share with your friends,
Jennifer 🙂



  1. I’m so very tempted. I’ll have to check my PayPal and see how much credit I have…


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