Studio Time…. a fresh start (and lots of work)

As many of you know I have a new area for my beading – aka a Studio.  And that I am very happy with it to boot.

Well after a day of moving furniture and stacking shelves I am now ready to work.  Well, that is the idea anyway.  I discovered that there are 5 containers full of beads that need sorting…. stuff that I was too lazy to do before we left, or just misc things I couldn’t find a home for.  The Lazy Boxes.

I decided that today (7 June) would be the day to start… and I did, kind of.  As some of you may know, I am a serial procrastinator, so when inspiration hit after pulling out a lovely cluster of beads, there was no hesitation and I started making.

Moving on I went through several boxes sorting into several categories.  There is method in my madness.  By doing these things in smaller sections it actually seems to go a bit quicker.  So I was able to do my findings and semi precious/other that were still in their bags from order delivery.  This got a large amount packed away.  There are still 5 mostly ful lazy boxes of stuff to go through.  

Next were the focals (any large bead/finding that can be used as such)and chandelier type pieces.  This filled a whole new container aswell as a half full one.
Yesterday was supposed to be the rest – colour coding all the bits and pieces.  Again, macro sorting.  Colours into individual tubs and divided into -large, seed, bead soup etc for each colour. with all other bits (findings, crystals etc into their own for more sorting.  Of course, this didn’t happen and I have 8 containers of bead soup beginnings on my desk.  

Bead soup boxes and to the left the size of my 4 Lazy Boxes. The 5th was only half the size.


As I am not the sort of person who can just sit down and sort/tidy til it’s done, I find that making in between eases the ugh factor that bad jobs usually cause.

Today I decided that instead of finishing the lazy boxes – lazy me – I would start getting all my jewllery out of their travelling boxes and back into display drawers to keep them neat.

the many beads of Marcato Designs being sorted rom travel boxes to display cases.



I am inpressed with how well I packed them.  Everything stil looks fantastic.  but then I was always one for overkill and their was quite alot of padding involved.   But OMG! how much have I got. So many pieces, I had forgotton.  Hence the reason I am having a sale….

up to 25% of all items, excluding rings, free postage within Aust.  For the onth of June only.  See my website

While there are many that I do really like I have found during sorting that some are not really of standard and are going to the revamp/slightly change/pull apart basket (after deing deleted form the website).  I can then spend a whole day tomorrow going through it and working out what to do….. when am I going to get onto all those fabby ideas I’ve had with all my new (now old) magazines.   There will be time, so long as they stay on my desk then the ideas are still close by.

 Til next time, keep smiling

Ciao, Jen 🙂


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