Posting blogs…

It’s been over a week and I should have posted by now. My goal was to once a week, on average, post a blog.  I’m a little behind, but things have been hectic, boys being on school holidays and hubby away for his first shift at work (close on 6000km’s away mind you).
I actually have two blogs in the draft stage, one of pictures that are not being well behaved and giving me grief with placement etc and the other I started today about my new studio… I am working on the new ‘routine’… being one of those people.   I like impromptu, but work better with a certian amount of routine… keeps me happy.


So, tomorrow night I will try really hard to make sure there will be a blog posted.  And the photo blog will be a work in progress.

(just like the phonecalls I have to make to a few people…)


keep smiling, til next time,

Ciao, Jen 🙂


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