studio time

I had started another post about exercise and craft but it ended up being full of nonesense and now I have something that makes all that pale in comparison.

You know those times where you are so happy you can’t help the smile that keeps creeping onto your face.  Well I had one of those days today – twice which makes it all the more exciting.

We had our container of belongings delivered and unpacked (by 3 very nice gentlemen, 1 of which was rather hunky, maybe a too young for me, but who’s caring about that) which means I  have my beads – amongst other much needed items – to play with.  I had got to the stage where I mised them so much I was tempted to try another crafty thing to keep me occupied.  Aaargh… what would I do besides beads??  There were a few other things like stamping, or mixed media textile collages took my fancy.  So I  may just add something else.  Plus,  my business name will cover pretty well everything as it doesn’t have ‘jewellery’ or ‘beads’ in the name.  As I type this, I think it is not such a bad idea…. I digress; quite often and usually badly. My head trails off in directions unknown to me most of the time.

The other smiley episode also was confirmed this morning via email.  My husband and I had been looking at the packing shed where my mum has her studio, and dad his old-vintage engines and discussed numerous touristy things that would be suitable for the shed and local area.   I then take another look and say ‘bugger what we discussed, why don’t I use that for my beads’…. we pass that look between us that I think all couples have history of doing and so an email to my parents followed.

Of course, I wouldn’t be writing this if the answer had been no, and this morning on checking my email I got the answer that made me ‘officially excited about my studio’.

So this morning I take some pictures of my loft studio – love how that rolls off the tongue – and tomorrow it is a get stuck in and sweep, stack and tidy.   I will add some pictures later once the area is clear and tidy before the furniture starts being delivered.

But I will say I am very excited about the chance to decorate and design my own space in a way I want it to be, how I want it to feel.  I have visions of large swaths of hot pink and bright white material draped across the walls (covering part of the super sized tarpauline we will use to cover the iron roof), a large brightly coloured print on the wall, (painted by me, cheap and easy) and flowers….

I also need to get my husband to help me build a stand for displaying my goods, 1 each for my studio and in mum’s space downstairs for when there are open days.

While I am here I will thank my mum for being so wonderful and willing to help me out. I love you mum xxoo.

On that note, I will head back to my coffee and choc bisuit wish you all a lovely day.

Keep smiling til next time

Ciao, Jen  🙂

2 responses to “studio time

  1. hey! Studio huh? wow….you can bead to your heart’s content then!


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