As time goes by…

I’ve been thinking about the past alot lately.  Not so much the distant, but the current past.  like the last 10yrs or so.   And nothing jolts the memories like moving back ‘home’ and collecting items from storage.  Everywhere I go at the moment has a memory for me – mostly good, my childhood was brilliant and I loved every minute of it.  

What inspires today’s blog is the fact that I have semi moved into my parents house, which was originally my grandparents house and one that we lived in while I was pregnant with my eldest son…. plenty of memories there.  Add to this that we have picked up our life from 7 yrs ago (when we moved interstate, Tas-Qld) and looking through the boxes of all the books, crockery and the other miscellaneous items one keeps for some reason.  Also several of those teenage girly things – diaries!  Hubby picks up a pink suitcase (obviously I have loved this colour for many years) and I, quick-as-a-wink, say ‘no, you can’t look in there, it’s my stuff.’  I have to look first.  but as soon as I see it, I can remember many of the things I would have kept in there and what would have been written about – the usual crushes and how bad (or not) things may have been. 

We collect the rest of these goodies today – huge stacks of books – and I find more of those memories that have been hidden away for years.  Brings a lump to the throat  – this is not helped by hearing a song on the radio, one of those that really hit the heart strings. 

I get settled into the daily chore of clothes washing and findmyself at the same washing line that I used to hang nappies on… those were the days!

I found most of my old school magazines – the annual book from the school showcasing each class and what went on during the year – and find some very cool old photos.  Although we all grow up, most of never really change the way we look.  Sure hair and clothing styles change but our facial features are who we are.  I suppose, given I spent at least four or five years with most of these people I can still look at the pictures and names roll off my tongue.  I am still hunting for the picture that shows the 6 or so kids that went from Kindergarten (5yrs) to Grade 10 (16yrs),  12 years of school in the same place.  And everyone thought I was strange cause I cried on the last day! 

These are the memories that last the best as there is always that visual aid to jog the other details.  I will be posting a blog of pictures from my school years – so none at the moment.

Many things have changed since we have been away – shops, roads, the people but there are many things that stay the same and these are the things we live on.  These are the reasons we say ‘why does that have to change?’ and ‘it’s not like it used to be’ because our memories are very powerful in how we see our current situations and how we deal with them.  Of course there are plenty of people who see them just as a memory and something that is ‘past’.  We can live with it both ways,  but just how far we take this is the key to a happy existance.


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